Custom Packages - Tailored For You

No two classics are the same - so we approach each one with the care it deserves

Jordan Classics is passionate about restoring and preserving the beauty of your classic car. Our dedicated team strives to deliver top-quality service, ensuring customer satisfaction at every step. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or learn more about our comprehensive classic car detailing services. Experience the difference with Jordan Classics and bring out the beauty of your classic car or truck.


When your vehicle arrives at our shop, we take extensive photographs, videos and document the “Before” condition, including exterior, interior, engine.


The washing process involves a custom approach for your project. We use a combination of strip wash, iron remover and PH balanced washes to decontaminate the exterior surfaces.

Clay bar

Using clay bar is a standard process for most detailers. However we have three grades of clay in addition to mitts (for more involved decontamination).


Drying the car, especially classics, is important. Grimy, rusty, contaminated water can rest in trim and unexpected places. These can pop up later and cause issues during polishing and ceramic coat.


Each polishing approach is custom, depending on your goals and budget. We use several grades of polishes, often completing 2 to 3 complete passes over the car. We use only brand new microfiber towels for polishing!

Ceramic Coat

Once the paint surface is as close to “perfect” as can be achieved, we apply a premium ceramic coat, Adam’s Advanced Graphene Ceramic Coating. This is not a spray on product. It’s applied by hand according to manufacturer’s standards.


Our customers love us
  • The Maverick turned out great! All I have to do is dust it with my California duster and I'm ready for the car show. I haven't even washed it this year and it looks incredible!

    Ford Maverick
  • Earl, you do great work. The Firebird and Camaro turned out so good, I'm sending you my Trans Am next. Work your magic, I trust you!

    Peter D.
    Firebird and Camaro
  • You do amazing work!

    Elly K.
    1964 1/2 Mustang
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Open Space

Drop in and see your project or just hang out. We love visitors, just be sure to call or text ahead to make sure we’re here, deal?

Free Training

Our packages include training on how to clean and maintain the exterior of your vehicle. We make it easy to maintain your ceramic coat.

Annual Events

We appreciate our customers, so we host annual gatherings. As our business grows, so can your circle of auto enthusiasts!

Basic Repairs

We can do basic repairs while your project is underway. Other repairs are done in coordination with local qualified mechanics.

Secure storage

Your vehicle is a priority, but any time we are waiting for parts or materials, it is well cared for, in a safe, clean, protected environment.

Service Packages

We will work to custom build a package that fits your budget and maximizes what can be done given the time allowed.