Classic Car Detailing Essentials: Washing and Drying with Adam’s Polishes

At Jordan Classics, we understand that properly washing and drying your classic car is crucial for a successful detailing process. In this article, we will explore the first steps of classic car detailing, focusing on washing and drying techniques using Adam’s Polishes. With their exceptional products, we can achieve the best canvas for the next stages of the detailing journey.

Adam’s Car Wash Shampoo:

At Jordan Classics, we rely on Adam’s Car Wash Shampoo, a pH-neutral formula that effectively removes dirt, grime, and contaminants without compromising existing wax or sealant. By diluting the shampoo in a bucket of water and using a high-quality microfiber wash mitt, we can gently clean your classic car from top to bottom. We sometimes use a foam spray gun as well, especially for more involved washes (dirty cars!). This gentle yet thorough wash ensures that your vehicle’s paint remains protected and free from swirl marks.

Adam’s Polishing Clay Bar:

For a truly deep clean, we turn to Adam’s Polishing Clay Bar to remove embedded contaminants from your classic car’s paint. By lubricating the surface with a clay bar lubricant, we gently glide the clay bar across the paintwork. This process eliminates overspray, industrial fallout, and stubborn residues, leaving your paint smooth and ready for the next steps of detailing. We use several different grades of clay, depending on the type of contamination on the paint.

Adam’s Detail Spray:

After washing and claying, we use Adam’s Detail Spray to touch up any areas and add an extra layer of shine. This versatile product acts as a lubricant, allowing us to safely wipe away light dirt, fingerprints, and dust. By simply spraying onto a microfiber cloth, we can gently wipe the surfaces to achieve a baseline finish.

Drying Techniques:

Proper drying techniques are crucial to avoid water spots and streaks on your classic car’s paint. At Jordan Classics, we use high-quality microfiber drying towels, such as Adam’s Double Soft Towel, to gently pat the surface dry. Starting from the top and working our way down, we ensure that we reach all areas, including trim, windows, and wheels. We avoid using abrasive towels or materials that can cause scratches. We also use warm, filtered compressed air to encourage evaporation and drying of areas that tend to “hold” water, such as mirrors, trim, emblems, engine, trunk, gas cap.


By following these essential washing and drying techniques with Adam’s Polishes, we can achieve a clean and well-prepared surface for the next stages of classic car detailing. At Jordan Classics, we rely on Adam’s Car Wash Shampoo, Polishing Clay Bar, and Detail Spray to effectively clean and maintain your vehicle’s paint. Our proper drying techniques help us avoid water spots and streaks, ensuring the best canvas for the polishing and protecting steps that will follow.

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